Daniele Villa (1973), visual artist, lives and works in Rome, Italy.

His background and formation is erratic and multidisciplinary including art, theatre, cinema and film critics.

Son of a music-hall actor and dancer and a classical and music-hall dancer, in 1995  he studies acting in Paris with the Balinese Peter  Brook company actor Tapa Sudana.

In 1996 while studing History and Critics of  Cinema at the Rome University La Sapienza,  he creates, together with Carlo Hintermann and Luciano Barcaroli,  the Citrullo International Working Crew and begins to work on books-interviews with filmmakers, as Otar Ioseliani and Takeshi Kitano, both published by the Italian publishing house Ubulibri.

Then in 2000, they establish together with Gerardo Panichi the film production company Citrullo International,  with which he produces and directs creative documentaries on art and cinema – among the others ‘Rosy–fingered Dawn: a film on Terrence Malick’ (2002) and ‘F For Fontcuberta’ (2005) -, which are screened at the major national and international festival as Venice Film Festival, Rome Film Festival, Turin Film Festival,  FIFA Montreal, Stockolm Film Festival, Bangkock Film Festival, BFI London. In 2011 he produces ‘The Dark Side of the Sun’, directed by Carlo Hintermann, premiered at the Rome Film Festival. ‘Terrence Malick: Rehearsing the Unexpected’,  curated together with Hintermann, has been published in 2015 by the British publishing company Faber and Faber.

He directs his visual research creating collage-based works, made solely with paper, scissors and glue.
Free from the perfecting powers of computer manipulation, the concept of his collages floats between the nostalgia for lost harmonies and a frantic search for new ones. Rather than being driven towards fragmentation and disorientation, his work leans more towards a paradoxical unity. His film-making background leads to him pay meticulous attention to the images, their editing and their narrative.

His research is gradually moving towards assemblage, installations and performances investigating the concept of memory and divination.

With Serbian musician Aleksandar Caric Zar he creates in 2012  the live collage performance Synchronotopy that represents a meeting point between the two sides of his artistic research,  matching  the private dimension of  the collage creation process with the public experience of a movie screening.


2011 Da grande sarò morto, curated by Guillame Von Holden, Zelle Arte Contemporanea, Palermo


2014 Baculus, curated by Emanuele De Donno, Gianluca Marziani, Franco Troiani, Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive, Spoleto
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2014 Sala dello Sconsiglio (o delle Bandiere), curated by Pablo Echaurren, Cristiana Pacchiarotti, Paolo Assenza, MAAM, Metropoliz, Rome?
2013 Bethelehem Boys Club, curated by Alex Daw, Building F, London
2013 Tufffo, curated by ARIA Magazine, Torre di Mola, Formia
2013 Scrapbook, curated by Sergio Zavattieri, Kir Royal Gallery, Valencia
2012 The Past: History, Time, Memory and Nostalgia, Santorini Biennale of Arts, Greece
2012 The Impossible Heap, curated by Audrey Yeo, Galerie 8, London
2012 Lontani come rami galleggianti, curated bu Guillame Von Holden, ‘Nuove impressioni’, Ex Collegio dei Gesuiti, Alcamo
2012 Destroy all Monsters, curated by Yuri Elena, Expanded View, Rome
2011 It’s Time to say Goodbye, curated by Guido Cabib, Palazzo Zenobio, Venice / Changing Role-Move Over Gallery, Naples
2011 Silver Session, curated by Sergio Zavattieri, South & North, Valencia
2011 Casa Aut, curated by Laboratorio Saccardi, Cinisi
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2010 Art Stars Polo Jeans (Ralph Lauren), curated by Alexa Kusber, Phillips de Pury, London
2010 Sweet Sheets (Moves to Modica), curated by Guillame Von Holden, Palazzo della Cultura di Modica, Modica
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2007 Paste Up, curated by Karen Bettencourt, The All Arts Gallery, Lowell, USA
2007 Ancora Pop, curated by Gabriele Bianconi, Galleria Il Narciso, Rome


Tentativo di fuga, n.1
2015, Naked Lights, curated by P.L.M. Piacentini and Ludovica Palmieri, Teatro Tor di Nona, Rome

2015 Siderare, curated by Fondazione VOLUME!, Forte Portuense, Rome
2013 PLAY ON- MAAM, curated by 100% Periferia, MAAM, Metropoliz, Rome?
2013 Mirabilia Festival Europeo, Fossano
2013 Teatri di Vetro, curated by Daniele Spanò, Rome
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2012 Festival uličnih svirača, Novi Sad, Serbia
2012 Imaginarius, Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

In Cage
2012 Expanded View, Affordable Art Fair, MACRO Testaccio – La Pelanda, Rome

2014 Sonagli, Gingko – un progetto di resilienza artistica, curated by Valentina Fiore, Q44, Rome
2013 Suveniri / Souvenirs, Festival uličnih svirača, Novi Sad, Serbia
2013 Gorna Lipnitsa is a Flower / Ritual for Abandoned Houses
Old School Art Residence, Gorna Lipnitsa, Bulgaria
2012 Mixed Identities, with Rosella Robertazzi, Camp Sundown, Craryville, NY, USA
2010 A Night Parade, with Aleksandar Caric Zar, Camp Sundown, Craryville, NY, USA

2015 Vice Fiction Issue, Milan
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2012 Retina Prize for Visual Arts, Rome
2011 Premio Enel Cuore, Rome Film Festival, Rome
2006 Premio Nuovi Linguaggi, Festival di Palazzo Venezia, Rome

2005 F For Fontcuberta, International Première: FIFA, Montreal
2002 Rosy-fingered Dawn, International Première: Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, Venice

2002 Rosy-fingered Dawn, International Première: Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, Venice
2004 Chatzer: Inside Jewish Venice, International Première: Turin Film Festival
2005 F For Fontcuberta, International Première: FIFA, Montreal
2011 The Dark Side of the Sun, Italian Première: Rome International Film Festival, Rome

2015 Terrence Malick: Rehearsing the Unexpected, Faber and Faber, London
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